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Care & Support Services

All TLC's services are person-centred. We provide the care that people want, delivered by appropriately trained and carefully selected staff.

At the outset we'll do a full assessment, sitting down with the service user, their main carer, close family and relevant outside agencies to discuss and formulate a bespoke care plan. If necessary we can contact the GP to arrange appointments or visits from an occupational therapist, physiotherapist or other health care professionals.

A bespoke Trust Life Care care plan will include one or a selection of the following services:

Personal care

A personal care service is delivered by Trust life Care's team of qualified care staff. You can rest assured that they will assist you by following the agreed care plan and respecting your choices and decisions. We offer bathing, washing, dressing, undressing, nail and hair care. We'll get you up in a morning and put you to bed at night. The latter service is available until 11.00pm, so you can enjoy a full evening.

For maximum comfort and safety for both service-providers and service-users, our team are trained to use the latest moving and handling equipment.

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Assistance with meals

Good nutrition is important for people at every stage of their life if they want to stay healthy. TLC provide a meals' service to cover breakfast, lunch and tea, as required. Our care workers are trained to do much more than simply 'plonk' food down in front of the service-user. They'll stay to encourage and help the client eat, ensuring they have a decent meal and - equally important - stay properly hydrated.

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Sitting service

TLC's sitting service is a bit like a piece of string - you can cut it to exactly the length you require. We can provide cover on a regular daily basis Or it can be organised on an ad-hoc basis so a main carer can attend an appointment or meeting. And of course it's there for life's pleasures too, so we provide cover to enable a main carer to take a holiday or simply enjoy a night out.

Night Service - 11pm to 7am

This can be a waking night staff who will provide care and support throughout the whole night or

Sleeping night staff (who will need to be provided with a separate sleeping area within call of the person being cared for). They will respond to any calls during the night, and simply give peace of mind and reassurance.

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Home from hospital

To provide extra support just when it is needed to help early discharge and ease the transition of being back at home (or prevent hospital admission). Everybody's needs are very different and at TLC we will provide a service that is tailored to your specific requirements. The care and support teams at TLC will be able to provide services, from a short daily visit right up to providing 24 hour care and support in your own home.

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Our philosophy is enablement - not dis-ablement. So, as well as providing professional care and support to enable clients to live independently, TLC is also keen that its clients maintain their life skills. Our staff don't adopt a 'do it my way' attitude. They encourage clients to work alongside them, helping to clean the house or complete the washing-up. That way clients continue to enjoy independence and retain their self respect.

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Whether it's for something as mundane as a visit to the doctors or a hospital appointment, TLC's team provide an escort service to ensure that you arrive safely and on time. We're equally happy to assist you to go on social excursions; family get-togethers, weddings, visiting a club or sporting event or simply to enjoy a night out.

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Shopping / Pensions / Paying Bills

TLC's team are great shoppers. So if you are struggling to get to the high street or local supermarket, we're happy to help. Of course, if you'd like to come along too, that's something we're very happy to encourage. Nor is it just about shopping for essentials; a new outfit, curtains for the living room or a new TV? We'll be there to help find what you want. Our staff will collect pensions, prescriptions, continence aids as well as paying your bills if you want them to.

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Medicine prompts

Control of some conditions - Parkinson' Disease for instance - requires regular medication at specific times of the day. When you're feeling fine it's easy to become involved in what you're doing and then realise, too late, that you should have taken your tablets an hour ago. TLC's medication prompt service removes this worry. Timely and punctual we're on hand to ensure our clients keep taking the tablets!

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Domestic cleaning

The TLC team are very house proud. So we also include household cleaning in our service menu. We'll dust and hoover, polish the bath and generally ensure our clients' homes are kept spic and span. We're also fully tuned in to washing machines and will wash and iron clothes.

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