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Caring for the Elderly

Yorkshire Evening Post, Friday, 4 November, 2011

Trust Life Care understands just how hard it is for people affected by dementia. At Trust Life Care we know that "Life is horribly hard for people with dementia and their families; living has changed drastically for everyone - professional carers have an obligation not to add to the horrors".

"Any form of care in a person's home is an intrusion and violation of their privacy and dignity. We work to lessen the impact of our presence constantly, and with a strong determination to make things as unobtrusive as humanly possible".

"Our services are put in to maintain and support people living in their own homes - they do not have to fit in with us, we fit in with them".

Brenda visits clients every day, sometimes more often, to ensure that the service is being delivered exactly as required. They watch, check and talk to clients and staff constantly to ensure everyone is satisfied and happy. They often work alongside the staff to make sure they know exactly what is required, checking that methods and routines are as perfect as they possibly can be.

This up and coming care service is already looking to expand and add to their ranks. At Trust Life Care "We are always looking for well trained and qualified care staff who have excellent communication and people skills - we reject more applicants than we employ but make no apology for that - we only want the best - the "crème de la crème" of the care industry. As Leeds Adult Social Care reduces it's work for we will seek out and find the very best care staff in the city and add them to our already skilled workforce".

Former Care Managers Launch Own Service

Yorkshire Evening Post, Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Two former care managers from Leeds are proving there is life after the cuts, by launching their own home-based care and support service.

Brenda Tutin, who worked for Leeds City Council before and was made redundant, has many years of experience in adult social care. They have now launched Trust Life Care (TLC), providing services such as assistance with meals; sitting (day or night); home from hospital support; escorts and shopping; social and recreational activities and domestic cleaning. The company is registered with Care Quality Commission.