Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I access funding to pay for my care?

A: Your first point of contact could be Leeds City Council's Adult Social Care Contact Centre -
0845 125 0113 or visit their website Based on your personal and financial circumstances they will be able to give you an assessment of what funding is available to you.

Pay for support privately: some clients or their families may wish to pay for their own support in full or top up the amount that social services award them. You can choose not to involve Social Care at all and meet the full cost yourself.

A personal budget: If you are eligible for social care support you can choose to have the equivalent cash amount paid into a bank account. This payment is called a direct payment. This is an upfront amount of money available to you to pay for the services and assistance you choose to use. Whilst your personal budget is assessed by Adult Social Care, you can use it to pay for services provided by both the council or private providers such as TLC. You can get further advice from "ASIST" (Actively Seeking Independence Support Team), Tel 0113 214 3599.

Independent living funds (ILF): This is a government grant that provides support to help people who need support, live independently. You can find out more about ILF by contacting them on
0845 601 8815 or by emailing: Web site

Q: I need additional support to care for my father, where do I start?

A: Contact Social Care direct or if you prefer you can contact Trust Life Care either by phone on 0113 823 2858 or by email at:

We'll arrange a home visit, when we will agree how and when we will meet your needs. This will be written up in a care plan and you will receive a copy to check and sign.

We'll then agree a start date for the care programme.

Q: How flexible is the service? What if I want them to call earlier or later on a particular day?

A: Trust Life Care prides itself in providing a flexible, needs led service that meets individual requirements. Just let us know and we can change the time to meet your individual need. (Please give us as much notice as possible!).

Q: What information will you hold about me and my family?

A: It is essential that we hold sufficient personal information about the person we are caring for to allow us to deliver that care safely and appropriately. Where relevant we will also require contact details for next of kin and GP and any other relevant agencies. Trust Life Care will sit down and draw up a care plan with you so that you give us the relevant information and you are fully aware of what information is held. Trust Life Care is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) registration number Z280519X. A copy of the care plan will remain with you and any changes to the care plan will only be made with your full consent.

Q: Will I have a choice in who will see to my needs?

A: Yes this will be part of the care plan that is drawn up with you on the initial visit; so that if you wish only male / female staff to attend to your needs we will ensure your wishes are respected.

Q: What if I'm unhappy with a member of staff?

A: We will arrange for another member of staff to attend to you: we would also meet up with you to discuss any issues and improve the service we provide to you.

Q: How will they gain access to my house?

A: This will be pre - arranged with you before the commencement of the service. Various arrangements can be made if you are not able to open the door yourself; such as fitting a key safe outside your front door more detailed information can be accessed through 'Care and Repair Leeds'.
Tel 0113 240 6009.

Q: In what areas do you provide home care?

A: We provide services to all those who live within the Leeds boundary and have an LS postcode. This includes outer areas such as Wetherby, Boston Spa and Yeadon.

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum amount of care you can provide?

A: A minimum visit is 15 minutes. Longer visits are agreed according to need. There is no maximum time. If necessary we can arrange 24/7 live in care packages if needed.

Q: What happens if my carer is sick or unable to care for me?

A: We provide you with 100% guaranteed cover if your normal carer is sick or is unable to carer for you. A fully trained temporary carer will be on hand to cover until your normal carer is able to work again.

Q: Are you available for out of hour emergencies, help or assistance?

A: Yes, we provide all of our clients with an out of hours "on call" service so you will always be able to contact a member of our team regarding your care 24/7 365 days a year.

Q: What type of conditions are you able to care for?

A: Alzheimers / dementia
Physical disabilities
Sensory Impairments
Learning disabilities
Neurological disorders
Mental health issues
End of Life care
Acquired brain injury / acquired spinal injury
Out of hospital care

Q: Can I come and speak to you at your offices?

A: Yes but please telephone to make an appointment - 0113 823 2858.
Suite 2.6, Morwick Hall, Mortec Office Park, York road, Leeds, LS15 4TA