We Treat People with Respect


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Care that suits you - not us

Registered with the Care Quality Commission, Trust Life Care (TLC) delivers quality care and support to individuals and their immediate family. We're dementia experts, but have experience with a whole host of care needs. We provide a domiciliary care and support service that is fully responsive to the needs of our customers. We aim to provide perfect support to individuals that will enable them to live their chosen life styles as long as they possibly can; we will respect their choices and enable them to retain control of their lives.

We treat people with respect

Key to our service is respect, reliability and timekeeping. We recognise that all our customers are individuals; people who've held responsible jobs, brought up families and played their part in the community. All our staff will conform to your lifestyle whilst supporting you to manage that life; none of us will try to make you live any differently to how you choose.

Help where it's needed

What we don't do in a client's home is take over. TLC is there to provide the essential care that's required & to fill in the gaps. But more than that, we want to encourage independence, maintain skills and, in a whole host of ways, make life worth living.